Research and reports

We regularly produce a range of business insights that help us identify and prioritise where we can collectively support small businesses, including by making improvements to their experience with government.

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Understanding NZ businesses and their dealings with government

Part of Better for Business’ role is to understand and support the diverse needs of New Zealand businesses. Stats NZ’s annually updated business demography statistics and small business factsheets from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provide an introduction to understanding New Zealand’s unique business landscape.

Digital capability of New Zealand businesses

The Business Health and Digital Monitor provides an overview of New Zealand businesses’ digital capability, and trends in the use of digital tools and technology. It captures digital capability attributes in a way that enables us to monitor business’ digital progress over time – including by size and industry.

Digital Boost evaluation research

We want to support more small business owners to digitally transform their operating models. This can happen through the adoption of digital hardware and software, process changes, new skills and capabilities, access to capital and having deeper insight into their business through data.

Business health and motivations research

Better for Business’ annual Business Health and Digital Monitor considers the health, motivations, development goals and resilience of New Zealand businesses.

Business resilience in New Zealand

Better for Business commissioned a study to better understand how resilient small businesses are, and how government can best support them to be stronger.

Last updated: 27 March 2024