Our people

At 30 June 2022, we employed 6,015 people, of which 84 were based overseas. We strive to be a place where people want to work, where people are safe, listened to, valued and feel like they belong, where they grow personally and professionally through meaningful work.

Our efforts to empower our people and develop their potential have 4 strands:

Whakamana | Empower

We strive to create a safe, trusting and inclusive environment for our people to thrive. This includes building our Māori cultural confidence and capability to partner with Māori, developing inclusive leadership, and integrating the insights from our people’s experience into our people practices.

Whakawhanake | Develop

We strive to develop and make sure our people can grow and deliver for our country. This means ensuring our people have meaningful work and careers and having future- focused leaders who listen to lead the way. It also means having clear and supportive pathways to leadership.

Whakapakari | Evolve

Through people-centred design, data and insights, we aim to improve our systems, processes and tools to make informed decisions and make things easier for our people.

Whakakaha | Enable

We co-design innovative, best-fit solutions with stakeholders and partners. This includes drawing on employment relations work in the public service, to build capability, and implementing guidance on closing the gender and ethnic pay gap.