Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR)

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Disputes are damaging, expensive, and time consuming for individuals, communities, organisations, government, and the economy. Preventing disputes, and resolving disputes earlier and more effectively, will help the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) unlock New Zealand’s economic potential, growing New Zealand for all.

Government has an essential role in the resolution of disputes. It provides avenues for people to raise their issues, sets the rules, and collects information about dispute resolution approaches and outcomes. Government also provides complaints and dispute resolution services, although many of these services are delivered privately within industries, sectors, and communities.

new-gcdr-logo.pngGovernment Centre for Dispute Resolution

The Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) was established to provide leadership and stewardship to support a systems-based, best practice approach to dispute resolution in New Zealand. The GCDR:

  • is the lead advisor to government on dispute resolution
  • develops best practice dispute resolution guidance, tools and resources
  • assists agencies directly to review, design and develop their dispute resolution thinking, policies and schemes
  • identifies and advocates for improvements to the overall government dispute resolution system


Over time, the GCDR will enhance understanding of disputes and dispute resolution in New Zealand. This understanding will be informed by research, including data analytics, and the GCDR's experience from working with agencies in specific areas of dispute. This will promote best practice and give government a better understanding of dispute resolution supply and demand. Best practice dispute resolution approaches also contribute to high performing regulatory stewardship by generating important information about pain points and emerging issues in regulatory systems.

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