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New Zealand border fully reopening by July 2022, new immigration settings announced 11 May 2022

The Government has announced a new faster timeline for reopening the border and reconnecting New Zealand with the world. New Zealand’s border will now be fully reopened by the end of July – 3 months earlier than originally planned.

INZ accepts review recommendations relating to the detention of asylum seekers 03 May 2022

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) welcomes the recommendations of the independent review of its processes and procedures relating to the detention of asylum seekers.

Border class exception for ski seasonal workers 14 April 2022

The government has announced a border class exception for up to 275 experienced ski seasonal workers.

Reconnecting New Zealand – next steps 03 February 2022

The Government has announced its plans to gradually reopen New Zealand’s border this year.

Protecting New Zealand’s maritime security 01 February 2022

The Maritime Security Strategy: Te Kaitiakitanga o Tangaroa ensures New Zealand has a maritime security sector that is able to continue to secure New Zealand’s marine economic, cultural and environmental interests for future generations.

New border exception to support rapidly growing tech sector 13 December 2021

The Government has announced today a new border class exception for the technology sector, to support this rapidly growing industry to bring in overseas talent where it is most needed.

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