Migrant Community Reference Group established

Published: 21 March 2023

10 people representing perspectives from migrant communities across Aotearoa New Zealand have been announced for the newly established Migrant Community Reference Group.

The Group is a dedicated forum for the Minister of Immigration to engage with perspectives from New Zealand’s migrant communities.

Members represent perspectives from the Indian, Chinese and broader Asian, Pasifika, Filipino, Muslim, South African, and wider migrant communities as well as businesses, employers, and students.

Insights from this group may also be shared with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and other government agencies.

The group will be chaired by the Immigration Minister and their first meeting will be in person in March 2023, the group will then meet quarterly.

More information on the group

Members of Migrant Community Reference Group

(Left to Right) Top Row

Mikee Santos, Mitchell Pham, Dr Margriet Theron, Manisha Morar

Second row

Anita Mansell, Vikram Selvaraj, Sai Lealea

Via video call

Kelly Feng, Lealiifanovalevale Erolia Eteuati Rooney & Abdur Razzaq

MBIE media contact

Email: media@mbie.govt.nz