Tender for new All-of-Government recruitment services contract reissued

Published: 21 October 2022

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) has today reissued a tender for a new All-of-Government recruitment services contract.

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) has today reissued a tender for a new All-of-Government recruitment services contract.

The reissuing of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Generation 3 Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) contract follows a pause to the original RFP to allow for a period of engagement with both the recruitment industry and government agencies on the commercial model in the proposed contract.

“In the process of first developing this RFP we sought and received a range of feedback however, following its release concerns were raised about the proposed commercial model. In response to these concerns we paused the RFP and engaged with a wide range of key stakeholders to ensure we heard as many voices as possible,” says Liz Palmer, Acting General Manager, NZGP.

“We wanted to better understand the impacts of the proposed change in the commercial model on both agencies and industry, what they perceived may be unintended consequences, and the improvements they would suggest to support transparency, consistency and fair use of taxpayer funds.

We received a wide range of feedback on each of these points, reflecting the importance of this contract and how it’s essential we get this right.”

The reissued RFP proposes to revert to a percentage-based commercial model similar to the existing model but with several revisions, particularly for contractor and temporary roles.

One of the key changes is the proposed introduction of new, lower rates associated with the placement of contractors if they stay in a placement and move into a second year of work with the organisation they have been placed in by a recruiter.

The new RFP also proposes a move from a transaction focused approach to a value focused approach enabling transparency and consistency. It focuses on the value provided to government agencies in relation to attracting, selecting, and retaining talent including post-placement care, and includes a conversion fee for temporary and contracting staff when they become permanent employees.

“We want to ensure government agencies are achieving value for money while also receiving transparency on the services they use, ensuring there is clear value for money for these services and a fair use of taxpayer funds,” Ms Palmer says.

“We are confident the RFP going live today reflects the additional feedback received and strikes the right balance to deliver on our objectives; providing increased public value, making contract improvements; and improving contract management”.

Any relevant updates on this process will be notified via GETS and NZGP’s other communication channels, if necessary, in the lead-up to the closing date.

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