Creating an Accessible Aotearoa for All!

Published: 19 May 2022

MBIE’s purpose is to grow Aotearoa New Zealand for all. 1 in 4 New Zealanders identify as disabled and they have a right to accessible information.

MBIE has signed the Accessibility Charter, making a commitment to ensuring all public information is accessible to everyone. It also commits us to providing alternate formats like NZSL videos, braille, and Easy Read.

First, we will focus on MBIE’s digital accessibility. We have created a work programme to make sure all our MBIE websites are accessible. This will guarantee we provide an accessible platform for New Zealanders to access MBIE services and information.

We understand how important it is to provide accessible services for disabled people. We know there are areas where we need to do better, and we are on a journey to get there.

New role to support MBIE’s accessibility

To help on the journey, we have appointed Callum McMenamin into a new role, Principal Advisor - Accessibility. This role will provide leadership, strategy, and advice to our MBIE people to help create an accessible Aotearoa for all.

Callum brings experience in Government accessibility. He has previously worked on improving accessibility at the Ministry of Social Development, with a focus on the accessibility of digital welfare services.

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday, 19 May 2022, Callum is sharing his top tips to help you on your digital accessibility journey!

  1. Use simple and clear language. It's easier for everyone to understand.
  2. Make sure your website works well when you increase the browser's zoom level.
  3. For restaurants, make sure the menu is on your website. You can add a QR code that links to the website on your paper menus. This helps people who are blind or low vision to access the menu.
  4. Add alternative text descriptions for images on your social media posts.
  5. Make sure your videos have captions.
  6. Make sure text appears clear, and is not faint or washed out.
  7. Respond positively when disabled people provide feedback.
  8. Ask a digital accessibility company for an audit.
  9. When building your next website, ask for it to be accessible.
  10. Use 12 point as a minimum font size.

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