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Enhanced Geohazards Monitoring

The Government is investing $19.5 million over 4 years in enhancing GeoNet to enable faster, more accurate and available science advice and warnings for major geological events.

Ageing Well | Kia eke kairangi ki te taikaumātuatanga

The Ageing Well National Science Challenge is researching how to sustain health and well-being as people age, enabling all New Zealanders to reach their full potential into the later years of life.

National Statement of Science Investment

The National Statement of Science Investment 2015-2025 (NSSI) outlines the Government’s vision for the science system of “a highly dynamic science system that enriches New Zealand, making a more visible, measurable contribution to our productivity and well-being through excellent science”.

Catalyst: Strategic – Auckland Bioengineering Institute 12 Labours project

MBIE has committed $15 million to support a world-leading project to develop a clinically-oriented framework for mathematically modelling the physiological systems of the human body.