Technical three-year review of OSHAA

The scheduled three year review of the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act 2017 (OSHAA) has started. This is a technical and operational review which will assess the performance of the Act against its objectives, and consider how it might be improved operationally.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is leading the review. It will include assessing whether the licensing and permitting processes in the Act and regulations are effectively and efficiently delivering on the Act’s purposes and how they might be improved operationally.

Read the full Terms of Reference [PDF, 209 KB] 

All directly affected parties can provide submissions by email.  MBIE will target for consultation those who have engaged  with the licencing and permitting processes by proactively engaging by email with agencies involved in administering the licensing and permitting processes, industry stakeholders who have applied or may apply for licences or permits, and other engaged stakeholders such as providers of ground station facilities.  

Submissions on the technical review of the Act and its Regulations can be emailed to until 28 September.

Public consultation on peaceful, sustainable and responsible use of space

A separate public consultation will begin later this year on our space policy settings more broadly. This will include considering the peaceful, sustainable and responsible uses of space and what this means for space activity from New Zealand.

If people want to make submissions on these topics, the details around the public consultation on the space policy review will be announced later in the year.