STRATUS soaring to the Cloud

STRATUS is a six-year $12.2 million cyber security project led by the University of Waikato's Dr Ryan Ko and funded by us.

Its goal is to create a suite of novel security tools, techniques and capabilities which allow users to control the security of their data in the Cloud and to give companies tools and services to sell.

The team at STRATUS had a busy year, which was topped off by receiving MBIE’s Gold Status rating. They were awarded the Best Paper Award at the 2017 International Conference for Cloud Computing Research and Innovation in Singapore for their paper "Returning control of data to users with a personal information crunch - a position paper."

STRATUS was mentioned in the NZ Cyber Security Strategy Annual Report 2016 as an example of scientific research and commercialisation in cyber security, and hosted internationally renowned cyber security events - bringing international awareness of STRATUS' quality work to the another level.

STRATUS also filed two patents for resiliency and recovery of data, and began commercialisation projects with LayerX, Gallagher, NakiCloud and Delta Insurance.