Science and innovation success stories

How our investment is helping to produce science and innovation success in New Zealand.

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New Zealand researchers create world-first stroke detection technology

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has awarded a team of researchers from the University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington the Endeavour Fund’s highest rating of Gold Status for their research into the feasibility of using portable nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) sensor technology to help detect strokes and diagnose brain injury.

Monitoring energy use to create a sustainable eco-community

Taiepa Tiketike: Passive Resistance to Climate Change at Parihaka is a project which recently received Gold Status for its partnered approach to research into sustainable energy opportunities for the community of Parihaka.

Flip the Fleet

Flip the Fleet is a nationwide project aimed at getting more Kiwis behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Kiwi scientists revolutionising x-ray scanning technology

We have awarded Gold Status for research excellence to a project that is revolutionising the way x-ray technology will detect, diagnose and monitor many diseases, including cancer.

University of Canterbury research future-proofing NZ’s power supply

A team of researchers led by the University of Canterbury’s Electric Power Engineering Centre (UC EPECentre) has struck gold again, receiving our Gold Status for the second year running.

Blowin’ in the wind: University of Auckland’s breakthrough air quality measurement programme

The University of Auckland’s air quality measurement programme in high-density urban environments made significant progress in 2017, receiving our Endeavour Fund Gold Status.

STRATUS soaring to the Cloud

STRATUS is a six-year $12.2 million cyber security project led by the University of Waikato's Dr Ryan Ko and funded by us.

University of Canterbury antimicrobial research receives Gold, again!

The Advanced Energy and Material Lab (AEMSLab), a multidisciplinary research group at University of Canterbury, made leaps and bounds in their research in 2017, receiving our Gold Status rating for the second year in a row.

Combatting climate change with hybrid-electric jet planes

In a quiet industrial backroad at the foot of the Wainuiomata hills, Victoria University’s Robinson Institute is busily developing technology to power the world's first hybrid-electric jet planes.

Alliance turning waste into $100m boost to the New Zealand economy

The Bioresource Processing Alliance is an MBIE-funded R&D programme that works with the primary sector to turn low value biological waste into high value exports – with a potential to add at least $100m to the New Zealand economy in the next three years.

3D printing a new way of life for amputees

Artificial limbs are running hot off the press at Victoria University’s School of Design in Wellington – the 3D printing press that is.

Kiwi wine tech shakes up industry

It all began with a Masters university assignment to commercialise technology designed to age bananas. Pretty soon, the ‘Wine Grenade’ team was over-subscribed for its innovative wine-ageing product which is now influencing wine production around the world.