Horizon Europe Cluster 5: Climate, energy and mobility

Research and innovation to develop new technologies and solutions to address the challenges of climate change and drive a more competitive, sustainable, and resilient economy.


Europe has declared an ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This transition climate neutral energy, mobility, and other sectors will require cross-cutting research and innovation efforts. The actions in this cluster will support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal (greater ambition for 2030 requires faster technological development and accelerated economic and societal transformation). This work aims to enable deep reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the energy and transport sectors and the decoupling of their environmental impacts from economic growth.

Activities in this cluster include:

  • climate science and solution
  • renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy storage
  • integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid and the development of smart grids
  • research on energy efficient buildings and industrial facilities
  • helping communities and cities adapt to the challenges of climate change
  • low-carbon transport technologies, improvement of the efficiency of transport systems and development of new business models for the transport sector
  • clean, safe and accessible transport and mobility.

Finding calls under Cluster 5

The full details of Cluster 5, including the Work Programme for 2023 to 2024, are available from the Cluster 5 homepage.

Cluster 5 homepage(external link) — European Commission

You can also browse the Cluster 5 topics, with text search and filtering, through the Funding and Funding and Tenders Portal.

Cluster 5 topics(external link) — European Commission

National Contact Points

Iain White profileCluster 5 NCP – Iain White

Andrew SporleMāori NCP – Andrew Sporle

  • Managing Director, iNZight Analytics; Deputy Director, Healthier Lives National Science Challenge; Associate Professor (Honorary) of Statistics, University of Auckland
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • MaoriNCP@mbie.govt.nz

Isaac Holliss profileBrussels NCP – Isaac Holliss

  • Science and Innovation Counsellor, Europe New Zealand Mission to the European Union
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Email: nzncp@mbie.govt.nz
Last updated: 28 August 2023