Xerra Earth Observation Institute

The Xerra Earth Observation Institute (formerly known as the Centre for Space Science Technology) has funding of $14.7 million under the Regional Research Institute initiative. This page has the public statement from our contract with the Xerra Earth Observation Institute.

"The Xerra Earth Observation Institute (Xerra) will help drive regional economic growth by enabling access to existing and new satellite and other Earth observation data. In collaboration with allied industries, Xerra are developing products and solutions that incorporate Earth observation data tailored to meet the needs of New Zealand’s regional industries. Xerra will act as an enabler for existing organisations by developing, through a comprehensive and collaborative programme of research and development, new intellectual property that will provide direct benefits to regional industries in the form of improved products and/or services. The research will draw on the capabilities of existing research organisations as well as its own in-house capability in Xerra.

To the extent that its financial viability allows, Xerra will provide open access to data and will invest in research and development and growth at levels appropriate to the needs of New Zealand regional industries. Xerra will create economies of scale and collaborative activities by providing a central point of access for free and commercial satellite data with a focus on data sets of relevance to New Zealand.

Xerra aims to:
i.lower the barriers to accessing and exploiting earth observation data;
ii.develop and deliver products and services that capitalise on the availability of Earth observation data; and
iii.deliver Earth observation data specific to New Zealand.

Xerra will:
i.establish an Earth observation data repository;
ii.enable the collaborative development of new Earth observation techniques, data, products and associated services.

Xerra will operate as a research institute focused on delivering benefit to regional industries and New Zealand society as a whole."