Bragato Research Institute

The Bragato Research Institute has funding of up to $12.5 million excluding GST. Below is the public statement from MBIE’s contract with the Bragato Research Institute.

Research at Bragato Research Institute will explore every part of the value chain – from vineyard to bottle and from marketing to distribution – to achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of “New Zealand Wine Inc.”

With industry collaboration, Bragato Research Institute has identified issues that are highly technical in nature, require in-depth scientific analysis, and long-term research strategies, including:

  • Increasing scale
  • Vineyard sustainability and longevityImpacts from pests, diseases and a changing climate
  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Distribution networks.

Bragato Research Institute will work with a range of local and international research organisations, including commercial providers and established international bodies such as the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI). It will have a project-based focus, and will use a mix of employed and seconded personnel specific to each work plan.

Funding for Bragato Research Institute will come from a mix of public and private sources:

  • Establishment support from MBIE
  • Contestable research grants
  • Commercial income for research services provided
  • Direct and indirect contributions from commercial winegrowers
  • Ongoing support from the Marlborough District Council.

The vision is that all relevant grape and wine research will be driven through Bragato Research Institute, which will also serve as the repository for industry knowledge developed from the research.

In addition to driving industry growth, Bragato Research Institute presents opportunities for the Marlborough region and New Zealand as a whole, through increased investment in viticultural and wine science and the associated educational and economic benefits.