2022 Endeavour Fund successful proposals

We received 443 applications for research funding in the 2022 round of the Endeavour Fund and 71 were approved for funding.

The successful proposals for the 2022 Endeavour Fund were selected by the Science Board, an independent statutory Board, following review by independent experts from New Zealand and overseas.

The new contracts start on 1 October 2022.

Read the Minister's announcement(external link) — Beehive.govt.nz

Successful 2022 Smart Ideas

The successful Smart Ideas for 2022 are listed below.

Organisation Title Duration (years) Contract Value (GST excl)
AgResearch Limited Machine learning and CRISPR technologies to understand rumen methanogen interactions 3 $999,999
Auckland University of Technology Tunable and stimuli-responsive cellulose-based surfactants – from emulsifiers to defoamers 3 $999,972
Barenburg New Zealand Limited Preferred intake ryegrass for livestock gain and pasture resilience 3 $999,999
Bodeker Scientific Limited Using artificial intelligence to improve weather forecasts 2 $999,880
Cawthron Institute Transforming coastal monitoring: harnessing microbial communities to disentangle multi-stressor impacts 3 $1,000,000
Climate Prescience Limited The Climate Shift Forecaster – Projecting Temperature-Precipitation Space to Ensure a Climate-Resilient Economy 3 $999,999
GNS Science Large landslides as ground motion calibrators in the Hikurangi margin 3 $999,954
Landcare Research Leveraging neuropharmacology to target trap-shy and bait-shy vertebrate pests 3 $850,000
Massey University Enlisting Kākahi: developing a model system to protect Māui dolphins from toxoplasmosis 3 $999,999
Massey University Kōwhaiwhai pūtoi koiora - Kōwhaiwhai based biomaterial packaging 2 $1,000,000
Massey University Robust volcanic eruption forecasts: leveraging magmatic speedometry into geophysical monitoring 3 $999,972
Massey University Smart Capacitive Sensing Floors for Smarter Homes 3 $999,991
Massey University Smart Robotic Capsule to Advance Management of Gastrointestinal Diseases 3 $1,000,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited A coupled climate-catchment-lake mixing model to protect New Zealand’s iconic deep lakes 3 $1,000,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited Cable bacteria biofilm reactor for low-cost, zero-emissions removal of nitrate from wastewater 3 $1,000,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited Combining Physics and Artificial Intelligence—A hybrid model for actionable climate projections 3 $1,000,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited Top-down accounting of methane: Protecting farmers from carbon-cost for misattributed wetland methane 3 $1,000,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited Wai-Spy with an artificial eye: now-casting water quality using real-time camera radiometry 3 $1,000,000
New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited Implanted sensors monitoring tree health and carbon capture efficiency 3 $1,000,000
New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited Plant-inspired 3D-printed scaffold for tissue culture 3 $900,000
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited Beekeeping outside the box: developing innovative colony handling and hive architecture 2 $1,000,000
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited How many flowers? Sugars, hormones and dioecy 3 $999,999
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited Sustainable, intelligent fruit production through novel nozzles for autonomous pollination 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland A Multimodal Wearable Device for the Rapid Detection of Complications after Gut Surgery 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland Boosting crop growth and yield by improving nitrogen uptake and use 3 $999,999
University of Auckland Developing Biodegradable Quaternary Ammonium Biocides for Sustainable NZ Marine Biosecurity 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland Developing insulin signalling inhibitors for rapid weight loss 2 $999,998
University of Auckland Empathic Characters for Cognitive Rehabilitation 3 $999,979
University of Auckland High-energy-density Rechargeable Seawater Batteries for Marine Renewable Energy Storage 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland Octopus a Novel High Value Species for NZ Aquaculture 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland Predictive tools to enable climate resilience for tītī/muttonbirds across Aotearoa. 3 $1,000,000
University of Canterbury A simple capillaric platform for real-time diagnostic devices: In-house wine testing as proof-of-principle 3 $1,000,000
University of Canterbury Creating Soilless Precision Farming via Ultraclean Water Production: Invention of Weather-adapting Green-tech 3 $1,000,000
University of Canterbury High-efficiency Gallium Oxide Power Electronics for New Zealand’s Zero Net Emissions Future 3 $1,000,000
University of Canterbury Innovating climate risk assessment: A system-wide, geospatial approach for councils and communities 3 $1,000,000
University of Canterbury Low-carbon and seismically resilient solutions for 3D concrete printed homes 3 $999,999
University of Otago Avoiding carbon lock-in: Understanding the long-term consequences of low-carbon pathways for buildings 3 $1,000,000
University of Otago Cell free synthetic exosomes incorporated nanomatrix for the treatment of ischaemic diabetic ulcer 3 $999,996
University of Otago Forecasting future megaquakes on New Zealand’s biggest fault: The Hikurangi subduction zone 3 $1,000,000
University of Otago Moriori, Music and Manawa: Engaging Multisensory Experiences for Indigenous Cultural Revitalisation 2 $1,000,000
University of Otago Recovery of high-value, natural flavour compounds from untapped food processing sources 3 $1,000,000
University of Otago Tere Tīpako Tio: Rapid Extensive Antarctic Ice Sampling Aotearoa 3 $999,999
University of Waikato A ligase-based solution for non-natural nucleic acid synthesis 3 $1,000,000
University of Waikato Enhanced rock weathering for large-scale capture of carbon dioxide in Aotearoa 3 $1,000,000
University of Waikato Lightweight compliant mechanism robotic grippers for fruit harvesting 3 $1,000,000
University of Waikato Spatially mapping galaxiid nests with scent detection dogs and unmanned aerial vehicles 3 $1,000,000
Victoria University of Wellington Antibody therapy to control viruses and Varroa parasites in honey bees 3 $999,999
Victoria University of Wellington Detecting aneuploidy from embryo secretions 3 $999,999
Victoria University of Wellington Efficient spintronic terahertz emitter for beyond-the-lab applications of terahertz spectroscopy 3 $999,911
Victoria University of Wellington Plant-based bioactives for protecting our crops and ecosystems 3 $1,000,000
X-craft Enterprises Limited Robotic fish to enable effective coastal kaitiakitanga: information is power 3 $999,999

Successful 2022 Research Programmes

The successful Research Programmes for 2022 are listed below.

Organisation Title Duration (years) Contract Value (GST excl)
Auckland University of Technology Sustainable Earthquake Resilient Buildings for a Better Future 5 $8,231,625
Cawthron Institute Emerging aquatic diseases: a novel diagnostic pipeline and management framework 5 $9,969,137
NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association *Developing a Construction 4.0 transformation of Aotearoa New Zealand's construction sector 4 $10,270,359
Landcare Research Integrating trees to target zero carbon and add value to rural landscapes 5 $12,497,355
Landcare Research *Precision Pest Eradication – pest-selective control tools 5 $12,500,000
Lincoln University Fungal volatile organic compounds for sustainable agriculture in a changing environment 5 $10,689,853
Māori and Indigenous Analysis Limited *Kaupapa Māori : Creating An Indigenous Model for System Change in Aotearoa 5 $3,200,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited *Toitū ngā taonga waimāori: Cultural keystone species, Māori livelihoods and climate change 5 $11,279,000
Nga Uri O Te Ngahere Trust Tino Rangatiratanga o Rātou Taonga Katoa 3 $4,229,268
WSP New Zealand Limited Sustainable biomass-derived materials to replace bitumen for transport infrastructure 5 $9,100,000
Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi *Generation Kāinga: Rangatahi building a regenerative and resilient Aotearoa 4 $9,778,272
University of Auckland *Adapting to climate change through stronger geothermal enterprises 5 $6,460,260
University of Auckland Reversing Carbon Emissions in the Geothermal Energy Industry: Template for Emission-Intensive Industries 5 $6,034,345
University of Auckland Shaping a circular market system for plastics in New Zealand 5 $11,713,878
University of Canterbury *Pūhiko Nukutū: a green hydrogen geostorage battery in Taranaki 5 $11,837,090
University of Otago Housing children and youth: Ensuring Aotearoa’s future get the best start possible 5 $5,837,561
University of Waikato Pou rāhui, pou tikanga, pou oranga: reigniting the mauri of Tīkapa Moana and Te Moananui-ā-Toi 5 $13,950,715
University of Waikato Toka ākau toitu Kaitiakitanga – building a sustainable future for coastal reef ecosystems 5 $8,809,570
Victoria University of Wellington *Greater Electricity Generation and Industrial Heat Opportunities from Existing and Greenfields Geothermal Resources 5 $6,346,490
Victoria University of Wellington Our changing coast – Sea-level rise on Aotearoa’s dynamic margin 5 $12,994,020

*Transform proposals

2022 success rates by organisation

The table below details the 2022 Endeavour Fund success rates by organisation.

Organisation Number applied Number successful Success rate (%)
AgResearch Limited 14 1 7.1
Aqualinc Research Limited 3 0 0
Auckland University of Technology 22 2 9.1
BAINZ Consulting Limited 1 0 0
Barenbrug New Zealand Limited 1 1 100
Bodeker Scientific Limited 3 1 33.3
Climate Prescience Limited 1 1 100
Helfen Limited 1 0 0
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited 2 0 0
Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited - Trading as GNS Science 10 1 10
Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd T/A Manaaki Whenua 9 3 33.3
Lincoln Agritech Limited 9 0 0
Lincoln University 10 1 10
Mana Wairua Energy 1999 Limited 1 0 0
Maori And Indigenous Analysis Ltd 1 1 100
MARS Bioimaging Limited 1 0 0
Massey University 17 5 29.4
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust 1 0 0
Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa 1 0 0
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited 27 6 22.2
New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd Trading as Scion 15 2 13.3
New Zealand Leather and Shoe Research Association (Inc) 3 0 0
Nga Uri O Te Ngahere Trust 1 1 100
NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association 1 1 100
Odocs Eye Care Limited 1 0 0
Pacific Perspectives Limited 1 0 0
Pheromite Limited 1 0 0
PlantTech Research Institute Limited 1 0 0
Social Prism Limited 1 0 0
Sustainable Energy Advice Limited - SEA 1 0 0
Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi 2 1 50
The Cawthron Institute Trust Board T/A The Cawthron Institute 8 2 25
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited 12 3 25
The Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington 51 6 11.8
Toha Foundry Limited 1 0 0
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology 1 0 0
Unitec New Zealand Limited 2 0 0
University of Auckland 88 11 12.5
University of Canterbury 40 6 15
University of Otago 36 7 19.4
University of Waikato 36 6 16.7
Vortex Power Systems Limited 1 0 0
Weather Radar New Zealand Limited 1 0 0
WSP New Zealand Limited 1 1 100
X-craft Enterprises Limited 1 1 100
Last updated: 16 September 2022