2018 Endeavour Fund successful proposals

We received 399 applications for research funding from the 2018 Endeavour Fund, with 69 approved for funding.

The successful proposals for the 2018 Endeavour Fund were selected by the Science Board, an independent statutory Board, following review by independent experts from New Zealand and overseas.

The new contracts started on 1 October 2018.

Read the Minister’s announcement on the Beehive website(external link).

Download the full list of Endeavour Round 2018 successful projects [PDF, 541 KB]

Successful 2018 Smart Ideas

The successful Smart Ideas for 2018 are listed below.

Download the full list of Endeavour Round 2018 successful projects [PDF, 541 KB]

Organisation Title Duration (years) Contract Value
(GST excl)
AgResearch Limited Enhancing early-life development and immune protective function using milk exosome-enriched dairy foods. 3 $999,999
Engineering robust nano-protein delivery vehicles for tailored insect pest control 3 $1,000,000
High-throughput phenotyping of biological nitrogen fixation and metabolism to improve forage legumes 3 $999,999
Bodeker Scientific Inferring city-scale particulate matter emissions sources through inverse modelling 2 $999,100
Near real-time assessment of climate change impacts on extreme weather events 3 $999,932
Cawthron Institute Rationally designing a ‘smart’ marine antifouling biocide based on novel synthetic peptides 3 $1,000,000
GNS Science Geologic sub-surface modelling of an active fault system: Cape Egmont fault zone 2 $728,628
Energy harvesting from ambient heat using transparent thermoelectric materials 3 $999,999
Massey University Functional carbon nanomaterials from harakeke fibres for sustainable energy applications 3 $999,978
Airborne hyperspectral remote sensing for establishing New Zealand's baseline environmental and mineral indicators 3 $999,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd A reliable ocean forecast tool for managing marine disasters in New Zealand 3 $1,000,000
Machine Learning approaches to downscale seasonal climate forecasts for New Zealand 2 $740,000
Drone flow: Aerial monitoring system for better river management 3 $1,000,000
Reducing the impact of LED streetlight conversions on cultural and ecological values 3 $999,000
Refining the spawning sites and larval dispersal routes of eels using isotopic landscapes 3 $954,000
Freshwater bioremediation using native mussels (kāeo) - focussed on shallow eutrophic lakes 3 $999,999
Rivers as dynamic transport vectors of plastic pollution to the ocean 3 $999,000
Scion New Zealand seaweeds: unique cellulose nanocrystals for use in high-value products. 3 $987,249
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited Are microbial partners the key to bioactive precursor production for high value mānuka honey? 3 $1,000,000
Developing an artificial bi-trophic ecosystem maintained in dynamic equilibrium for sustainable control of a serious pest within honeybee hives, and a new paradigm for addressing other intractable pests in productive systems 3 $1,000,000
Novel process for making low glycaemic load starch ingredient for healthy innovative food products 3 $1,000,000
University of Auckland Building a sustainable gender budgeting strategy for New Zealand 3 $859,815
Photonic Device for Rapid Prostate Cancer Detection and Mapping 3 $999,999
Growing NZ optometry device industry, through developing novel technology for screening blindness 2 $999,757
Experimental approach for reducing eruption risks in New Zealand Geothermal Fields 2 $926,000
Titanium Foam Thermal Shielding - Returning Small Payloads from Space 3 $999,714
A Wave and Finite-Element Method for Calculating Sound Transmission in Lightweight Buildings 3 $999,999
University of Canterbury Sustainable and cost-effective seismic-isolation foundation-soil systems for medium-density low-rise buildings 2 $1,000,000
University of Otago Bees as Biosecurity Biomonitors - using pollen testing to identify and monitor new plant incursions into New Zealand 3 $964,620
Long distance connectivity for superconducting quantum-bits 3 $999,519
Highly efficient solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion  based on innovative nanophotonic platform 3 $999,959
Understanding pollen abortion in female kiwifruit to create bisexual flowers 3 $999,720
Superhydrophobic lenses – Merging water droplets for fast surface ejection, preventing ice-formation 3 $999,677
University of Waikato Eye on lakes: national monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms 3 $1,000,000
An isotopic toolkit for cadmium management: from agrisystems to ecosystems 2 $999,808
Reduction of force transmission to buildings from vertical and horizontal seismic motion 3 $993,612
Identifying Solutions for Using Personal Monitoring to Support Workers in Hazardous Industries 3 $999,993
Harnessing Marine Invasive Allelochemistry to Fast Track Bioactive Applications 3 $1,000,000
New approaches to detect invasive freshwater fish using scent and environmental DNA 3 $1,000,000
Victoria University of Wellington An engineered RNA ligase system for unbiased sequencing of diverse microRNA pools 3 $1,000,000
Novel 3-dimensional sugar-based clusters for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer 3 $999,953
Synergistic pathways for remyelination in multiple sclerosis 3 $999,999
Enhancing the efficacy of veterinary vaccines by skewing the immune response to a Th1/Th17 profile 3 $1,000,000
Handheld, enzyme-based biosensors for monitoring grape quality, wine quality and fermentation 3 $1,000,000
Reconstructing Baseline Ocean Data Around NZ for Marine Management and Forecasting Models 3 $987,366
Water purification using solar energy captured by natural photonic crystals 3 $999,992

Successful 2018 Research Programmes

The successful Research Programmes for 2018 are listed below.

Download the full list of Endeavour Round 2018 successful projects [PDF, 541 KB]

Organisation Title Duration
Contract Value
(GST excl)
AgResearch Limited Mapping the New Zealand Ruminotype Landscape – defining variation
in the microbiome as a resource for fitness and adaptation
4 $3,588,899
Improved weed control and vegetation management to minimise future herbicide resistance 5 $8,500,000
GNS Science Optimising water management based on understanding of flow sources, pathways and lags 5 $9,500,000
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited Impacts of microplastics on New Zealand’s bioheritage systems, environments and ecoservices 5 $12,536,205
Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd More birds in the bush: large-scale restoration across complex forests 5 $9,000,000
Cost-effective targeting of erosion control to protect soil and water values 5 $9,800,000
Beyond myrtle rust: Next-generation tools to 'engineer' forest
ecosystem resilience to plant pathogens
5 $13,000,000
Lincoln Agritech Limited Hand-held high resolution medical imaging using microwave metamaterial lenses 5 $5,995,000
Critical Pathways: Unravelling sub-catchment scale nitrogen delivery to waterways 5 $7,775,000
Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited Transforming dairy cattle improvement through next
generation genomic selection and strategic mating
5 $7,000,000
Massey University Milks Mean More: Unlocking the potential of New Zealand's ruminant milks 5 $11,268,560
MetOcean Solutions Limited Understanding ocean circulation, connectivity and marine
heatwaves to support an enduring seafood sector.
5 $11,500,000
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd New technologies to double the effectiveness of on-farm diffuse pollution mitigation 5 $8,000,000
Advancing New Zealand’s carbon inventory: forest, grassland, and urban environments 5 $11,455,000
Scion Bark Biorefinery: Unlocking new hydrophobic polymers and a mountain of wealth 5 $9,980,000
University of Auckland Data informed decision making and automation in orchards and vineyards 5 $16,769,775
Discovery and nonclinical development of an optimized
disease-modifying therapy for type-2 diabetes
5 $13,036,530
Microbial conversion of kelp to high nitrogen plant and animal feeds 5 $6,091,955
University of Waikato He Waka Eke Noa: Maori Cultural Frameworks for Violence Prevention and Intervention 4 $2,160,384
Victoria University of Wellington Efficient Drug Development from Transition State Theory 5 $7,394,610
Addressing the need for magnetic memory to enable superconducting computing 5 $5,971,120
Tuneable monolithic magnetoresistive sensors for asset management 4 $4,800,000
Fungal factories: Synthetic Biology for the Manufacture of High Value Products 5 $8,861,560

2018 success rates by organisation

The table below details the 2018 Endeavour Fund success rates for the larger research organisations.

Download the full list of Endeavour Round 2018 successful projects [PDF, 541 KB]

MetOcean Solutions Limited 2 1 50.0
Livestock Improvement Corporation 2 1 50.0
Bodeker Scientific Ltd 4 2 50.0
Victoria University Wellington 29 11 37.9
Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd 11 3 27.3
GNS Science 11 3 27.3
University of Waikato 28 7 25.0
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited 4 1 25.0
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd 37 9 24.3
Lincoln AgriTech Ltd 9 2 22.2
Massey University 15 3 20.0
AgResearch Limited 26 5 19.2
Cawthron Institute 6 1 16.7
University of Auckland 63 9 14.3
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research 24 3 12.5
University of Otago 42 5 11.9
Scion 17 2 11.8
University of Canterbury 23 1 4.3
Lincoln University 6 0 0.0
Auckland University of Technology 16 0 0.0
Other 23 0 0.0
Total 399 69 17.3