Electrical Workers Registration Board – Member

About the Electrical Workers Registration Board

The Electrical Workers Registration Board (the Board) is established under the Electricity Act 1992 (the Act). The Board promotes safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical workers.

The Board is a combination governance board and disciplinary tribunal, holding regular disciplinary hearings.

The Board’s functions are to:

  • Designate classes of registration and specify the prescribed electrical work each class can carry out.
  • Prescribe the minimum standards for registration and licensing and the associated terms and conditions.
  • Prescribe standards or requirements relating to competent and safe work practices and the testing of those practices.
  • Receive and consider applications for registration and licensing under the act, authorise registration in proper cases.
  • Hear complaints about, and to discipline registered persons and provisional licence holders, in accordance with the Act.

The Board delegates some of its functions to the Registrar, a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employee (MBIE) employee. The Board and MBIE are collectively accountable for the performance of the Board.

The Board’s website(external link) has further information about the Board and its role.

Board membership and responsibilities

Membership of the Board

The Board is comprised of seven members and a mixture of registered and non-registered people, appointed by the responsible Minister.

Under the Act, the Board consists of:

  • Four persons who are registered, or entitled to be registered, under Part 10 of the Act, of whom at least two must be persons who hold current practising licences.
  • Three other persons, of whom at least one must be a person whom the Minister considers has appropriate electrical industry qualifications or experience.

Collective and individual duties of members

The collective duties of members are to ensure that the Board acts consistently with its objectives, functions and that the Board’s functions are performed efficiently, effectively and in a manner consistent with the spirit of service to the public, and in a financially responsible manner.

Time commitment and remuneration

Members are expected to spend up to five days per month at Board and sub-committee meetings, and approximately 1.5 days per month preparation time. Members receive a standard fee of $415 per day, plus reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

Person specifications

Specific skills required

At this time, the Minister of Building and Construction is seeking candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as a member of the Electrical Workers Registration Board, who can provide the following skills and experience:

  • Legal expertise, in particular, a lawyer with a depth of prosecution experience and managing evidence and witnesses.

General skills and capabilities required

Ideally candidates will have the following:

  • The ability to maintain an open, independent mind when hearing evidence and submissions, and when making a decision.
  • Knowledge of law, procedure, underlying principles, and their application, as appropriate to the jurisdiction.
  • The ability to explain complex, competing factual and legal material, including decisions and reasoning, clearly and concisely, orally and in writing as appropriate to the audience[s].
  • An interest in the electrical sector.

Disclosure of interest

Before a person is appointed as a member of the Board, they must disclose the nature and extent (including monetary value, if quantifiable) of all interests that the person has at that time, or is likely to have, in matters relating to the Board.

As part of the appointments process, candidates are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form and disclose any interests that they may have. The information that is disclosed, is used to assess whether a candidate would be able to contribute effectively to the entity’s affairs, and, where conflicts are identified, to ensure that these can be managed appropriately.  

Additional information

For further enquiries about the position, email: boardappointments@mbie.govt.nz

Last updated: 14 February 2024