[image] Photo credit: Google Earth – Data SIO, NOOA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image Landsat/Copernicus


New Zealand Space Agency

New Zealand is the ideal location for New Space

For industry leaders, research institutions and innovative start-ups, the advantages we offer are:

  • Access to space: the world’s first fully private orbital launch range with plans for the highest launch cadence in the world.
  • Unique geography: uncluttered launch windows, great location for ground infrastructure and ideal environment for earth observation data calibration and validation.
  • Enabling space business environment: a modern regulatory regime for a safe, sustainable and thriving space industry.
  • Nimble, stable, and reputable government: combining a proven reputation as a trusted and responsible global citizen with a nimble and responsive government system that gets things done.
  • Ingenuity and effective science infrastructure: a culture of thinking outside the box, and a science system that supports knowledge intensive firms.
  • Connections for success: a globally-connected economy, with agreements in place for technology transfer and research collaboration.

Why New Zealand?

We are an attractive location for space activities.

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Photo credits

Banner image: Google Earth – Data SIO, NOOA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image Landsat/Copernicus
Launching image: Rocket Lab
Opportunities image: Venture Southland - credit Dave Allen, NIWA
Regulatory regime image: The University of Auckland - credit Dave Allen, NIWA