The Tourism Futures Taskforce interim report – We are Aotearoa

Haere mai, hoki mai this is our report.

Various images of people in Aotearoa New Zealand

Ngā kupu whakataki

Mauri Tangata
Mauri Tuakiri
Mauri Ohanga
Mauri Ao
Mauri Ora.

For the Enrichment of People
For the Enlivenment of Identity
For the Prosperity of the Economy
For the Health of the Planet
For the Wellbeing of all.

This is the web version of the Tourism Futures Taskforce interim report.

See below for a link to the PDF version for printing.

Tourism Futures Taskforce interim report [PDF, 7.5 MB]

In this section

Letter from the co-chairs of the Taskforce

The following letter from the Taskforce co-chairs acknowledges that the report focusses on aspirations for the future, and highlights what the Taskforce think needs to be done to make real change for a better and sustainable tourism future. It also notes that the pandemic has evolved differently from when the report was commissioned. While the report was intended to be interim, the co-chairs and the Minister now see the Taskforce’s work as a contribution to the government and industry partnership in achieving a regenerative and sustainable tourism sector.

Tāniko patterns

This is a taskforce and report has been inspired by the Te Ao Māori perspective. The use of the Tāniko patterns was chosen as an important visual enrichment throughout the report.

Summary of recommendations

Focus and recommendations in order of priority

Our vision

Aotearoa New Zealand deserves a world-leading, transformative vision for tourism.

Our story for change

To ensure the visitor industry in Aotearoa New Zealand thrives, we must plan and act as one integrated industry. We must understand the industry as a system and see it as part of the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand to grasp the full potential it can contribute.

Managing the transition

The following principles are put forward to guide the visitor economy’s transition towards the desired Future State.

Taskforce background and approach

Following delivery of our interim report to the Minister of Tourism, and as directed by him, the Taskforce will review our approach for the next phase of work in order to flesh out further details of our recommendations.

Milford sound waterfall with person in the foreground