Target markets

It is essential to identify your target markets through your data/insights and destination analysis, as it should inform all planning, development and marketing activity. Include both domestic and international visitors and segment the markets where possible, based on the visitors’ characteristics, motivations and behaviours.

A range of information sources can assist with this and TNZ produces comprehensive international market research and insights. In addition, it is helpful to conduct visitor surveys to guide destination and product development and to inform marketing activities and channels.

More information is available in the Data, research & analysis section


  • Do we have a clear understanding of our target markets?
  • What does our ‘ideal visitor’ look like? 
  • Do our destination’s brand and experience offerings align with the needs of our target markets?
  • Are we focusing on the best value market for our destination?
  • Can we encourage repeat visitation and increase the yield within our target markets?
  • Can we encourage visitation in the off-peak season and greater regional dispersal?
  • Could the destination appeal to new markets?
  • Which markets are emerging? Are these worth considering? 
  • Are there market synergies with other regions with which we can collaborate?
Two couples at an outdoor café complex

Miles Holden, Ponsonby Central

“How visitors experience New Zealand differs based on their culture, expectations and perceptions. Understanding what visitors want and need in their journey through Aotearoa ensures they go home smiling – with real affection for the amazing experience they had here.”

Rebecca Ingram, GM NZ & Government Relations, Tourism New Zealand