The objectives for the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) policy review are a set of sustainable long-term administrative settings that work effectively for the government and employers; and a scheme that respects RSE workers and upholds their rights and dignity through an improved set of policies and guidelines, backed by consistent and ethical employment practices.

Workstreams consulted on included:


  • Cap-setting process
  • Method of allocation
  • Labour market test
  • Compliance
  • Flexibility


  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Pastoral care
  • Rights and exploitation
  • Deductions
  • Benefits

Details of the policy options consulted on can be found in the consultation documents.

Beginning in March 2023, the second round of consultation on policy options involved engagement with stakeholders in a range of different formats including:

  • town-hall style meetings in the regions
  • site visits
  • webinars
  • a 3-day talanoa with Pacific governments
  • an online survey for RSE workers.

Stakeholders were also invited to make written submissions on specific policy options. The feedback received from consultation has informed further thinking about the development of high-level policy recommendations across the system-focussed and worker-focussed workstreams.

Furthermore, a Pacific outcomes workstream was included in the policy review to adopt a strategic view of policy proposals and ensure they contributed to good outcomes for the Pacific. This was discussed in detail during the three-day talanoa with Pacific governments.