Trans-Tasman electronic invoicing framework

Submissions closed: 16 November 2018, 5pm


The Australian and New Zealand governments are seeking public consultation on a joint initiative for the electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) operational governance proposal.

The purpose for this public consultation is to get feedback on an interoperability framework that will be used by both governments for developing e-Invoicing.

An interoperability framework is a set of services based on international standards that enables the transportation of structured information. For e-Invoicing, it’s like a virtual post office where digital information must pass through in order to get delivered to the appropriate place.

What’s e-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing is the direct exchange of invoice data between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems. International standards will allow these systems to “speak” to each other, resulting in fewer errors. E-Invoicing will remove manual handling of the billing process so it becomes faster, more accurate and reduces the chance of problems and delays.

What’s the purpose of the e-Invoicing operational governance proposal?

The proposal aims to provide a common direction and help Australian and New Zealand government agencies, industry groups and businesses, to work together more effectively and develop a working framework that will benefit all parties.

We’re pleased to invite submissions from all interested parties on the public consultation.

Discussion paper: Operational governance for Trans-Tasman electronic invoicing framework [PDF, 616 KB]

We encourage you to review the public consultation document and use the submission form to indicate your support, or opposition, and/or any refinement or alternative you might wish to suggest.

Submission template [DOC, 262 KB]

The deadline for submissions is 16 November 2018.

Thank you in advance for any submission you choose to make. We look forward to hearing from you and to reviewing the submissions we receive.