Seeking feedback on telecommunications regulatory and funding frameworks

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Submissions due: 19 June 2024, 5pm

We are seeking feedback on telecommunications regulatory issues that may impact businesses and consumers.

About the consultation

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) provides advice to the Government on telecommunications policy and regulation. We are seeking feedback on a number of telecommunications regulatory issues, and in some cases, proposed options for addressing them. The feedback we receive will be used to inform our advice to the Minister for Media and Communications on what changes may be required.

What we are seeking feedback on

The discussion document seeks feedback on seven issues:

  • Consumer access to dispute resolution
  • Accessing shared property for fibre installations
  • Telecommunications levy settings
  • Identifying participants in the market
  • Enhancing information flow to the Emergency Location Information System
  • Governance settings in the company constitutions of Enable Networks, Tuatahi First Fibre, and Northpower Fibre.
  • Other matter such as specified fibre areas and minor changes and clarifications.

We note that consumers may be particularly interested in Section 1 regarding access to dispute resolution services. In addition, consumers and property owners may be interested in Section 2, regarding the rights to access shared property for fibre installations.

Relevant documents

How to make a submission

Submissions will close on 19 June at 5pm.

You may like to use this Enhancing telecommunications regulatory and funding frameworks submissions template to respond to any or all the issues covered in the discussion document.

Submission template: Enhancing telecommunications regulatory and funding frameworks [DOCX, 30KB]

You can make your submission by:

  • Emailing your submission as a Microsoft Word document to
  • Mailing your submission to: Communications Policy, Building, Resources and Markets, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, PO Box 1473, Wellington 6140

Where possible, please include evidence to support your views in your submission, for example references to independent research, facts and figures, or relevant examples. Please see information regarding use and release of information supplied to MBIE on page 2 of the pdf version of the discussion document.

Please include your contact details in the cover letter or email accompanying your submission. You can direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to