Review of Crown Minerals Act 1991

Submissions closed: 27 January 2020, 5pm

Submissions are closed on the discussion document for the Review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991. The review sought to ensure the Act’s settings contribute to mining that responsibly balances environmental, social, and economic considerations and meets the evolving needs of New Zealand’s society.

About the consultation

The Review is one of the actions the Government is undertaking to realise the vision in the 10-year Resource Strategy of a world-leading environmentally and socially responsible minerals and petroleum sector that delivers affordable and secure resources, for the benefit of current and future New Zealanders.

The discussion document asks over 40 questions across 8 chapters:

  1. Role and purpose statement of the CMA
  2. Balancing the rights, interests and activities of marine users
  3. Ensuring offshore petroleum permits contribute to a managed transition
  4. Community Participation
  5. Māori engagement and involvement in Crown minerals
  6. Compliance and enforcement
  7. Improving petroleum sector regulation
  8. Technical amendments

Submissions received

A total of 167 submissions were received on the questions asked in the document and a summary of submissions has been produced.

Last updated: 23 August 2021