Proposed minerals strategy to 2040

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Submissions due: 31 July 2024, 5pm

The Government is proposing a draft Minerals Strategy to enable a long-term, strategic approach to how we develop our mineral resources (other than petroleum).

About the consultation

Minerals play an essential role in New Zealand’s economic growth through creation of high-paying jobs, delivering funding for the Crown through royalties, and has direct positive impact in the regions where mining takes place, and for New Zealand through export revenues. Minerals are also critical inputs into products that are necessary for other sectors to thrive, including the use of aggregates in construction and infrastructure and development of renewable energy infrastructure for a clean energy transition.

Despite this key function, the minerals sector is facing major challenges. These include lack of complete understanding about our minerals ecosystem, supply chain risks, and a regulatory system that needs to be improved to enable investment.

Developing a minerals strategy is a fundamental first step in ensuring that we have a strategic framework for resource production so that development and economic growth off the back of our minerals happens in a responsible manner.

The strategy is built on 3 key pillars (Enhancing prosperity for New Zealanders, Demonstrating the sector’s value, and Delivering minerals for a clean energy transition) and discusses the specific actions we could take to position the minerals sector to deliver value in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We are seeking feedback on our draft Minerals Strategy for New Zealand. We welcome all submissions but are particularly interested in the questions below:

  1. Are the strategic pillars of the Strategy (Enhancing prosperity for New Zealanders, Demonstrating the sector’s value, and Delivering minerals for a clean energy transition) suitable or is there more we need to consider?
  2. Are the key actions the right ones to deliver on our strategic pillars, and are they ambitious enough? What else might we need to consider?
  3. Are there opportunities for our minerals sector we haven’t considered?
  4. Are there challenges for our minerals sector we haven’t considered?
  5. Are there any other things we have missed that we should include, or things we should not include?

Relevant documents

An accessible web version of the draft Minerals Strategy for New Zealand to 2040 consultation discussion document is available here:

A draft Minerals Strategy for New Zealand to 2040

The discussion document is also provided in PDF format below. 

How to make a submission

When completing the submission form, please provide comments and reasons explaining your choices. Your feedback provides valuable information and informs decisions about the design of the strategy.

You can submit this form by 5pm, Wednesday, 31 July 2024 by:

  • Emailing to: with subject line 'Minerals Strategy Consultation 2024' or
  • Posting to:
    Minerals strategy consultation 2024
    Resource Markets Policy
    Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
    PO Box 1473
    Wellington 6140

Your feedback will contribute to further development of a Minerals Strategy for New Zealand. It will also become official information, which means it may be requested under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA).

The OIA specifies that information is to be made available upon request unless there are sufficient grounds for withholding it. If we receive a request, we cannot guarantee that feedback you provide us will not be made public. Any decision to withhold information requested under the OIA is reviewable by the Ombudsman.

You can direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to

Last updated: 23 May 2024