Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Bill

Submissions closed: 09 June 2017, 5pm


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is seeking submissions on proposed regulations under the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Bill (the Bill). This new legislation will regulate launch vehicles, launch facilities, high-altitude vehicles (HAVs) and payloads (satellites), through licenses or permits. This process will administered by MBIE. The Bill is intended to be enacted by the end of 2017. Consistent with normal conventions, regulations need to be promulgated at least 28 days before the Bill comes into force.

Submissions are sought on proposed regulations for:

  • the information that will be required from applicants during the licensing and permit process under section 88 (1) of the Bill, and
  • exemptions for HAVs under section 88(13) of the Bill.

While the Bill also allows the government to set regulations on a number of other matters, none are proposed at this time. The majority of procedural matters for license and permit applications will be detailed in guidance issued by MBIE before the Bill comes into force.

Further information

Information on the NZ Space Agency, an overview of the Bill, the Cabinet paper and other official information can be found in the Space section of this website.