Occupational regulation reforms in the building and construction sector

Submissions closed: 06 April 2023, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is seeking feedback on occupational regulation reforms in the building and construction sector.

The reform of occupational regulation is part of a series of changes to the wider building control system, called Building System Reforms.

Occupational regulation aims to protect the public from harm by ensuring services are performed with reasonable care and skill. We want to ensure occupational regulation is fit for purpose and is moving towards a consistent approach across the sector where appropriate.

Statutory reviews and previous consultations have identified some areas for improvement in the current occupational regulation regimes.

The 4 occupational regulation regimes we are seeking feedback on are:

  • Licensed Building Practitioners, including proposals for change regarding supervision and licensing, as well as seeking feedback on issues with competencies.
  • Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers and Electrical Workers including consulting on the scope of codes of ethics to help lift the quality of the work and promote public confidence.
  • Registered Architects, including a review of the current settings to determine if the regime is still fit for purpose.

Your feedback will help us ensure that the occupational regimes are workable, effective and efficient, and proportionate to the risks to public safety.

You are welcome to provide feedback only on the sections or questions that you consider relevant – for example, if you are a design professional interested in the Registered Architects review and Licensed Building Practitioners competencies, you could choose to only respond to the questions in those sections.

Last updated: 21 February 2023