Electricity Price Review – options paper

Submissions closed: 22 March 2019, 12pm

The independent Electricity Price Review has developed some early ideas to improve New Zealand’s electricity sector. The review panel greatly values your feedback on these early ideas, as your submissions will inform the final recommendations it delivers to the Minister of Energy and Resources in mid-2019.


The independent review’s second phase of work has focused on developing improvements to our electricity sector. Many of the options contained in the options paper address the need for electricity prices to be fair and affordable, not just efficient or competitive – which is a unique aspect of this review and its terms of reference. The review has also focused on consumers’ points of view and their say in the direction of the sector.

Options included in the paper have either been suggestions from stakeholders or the review’s panel of experts. In considering the options, the panel has thought about practically, effectiveness, level of stakeholder support, costs and implementation times. The panel clearly notes which options it favours, does not favour, or where it is undecided. The options they favour are designed to work as a package. Some can be led by industry (without waiting for regulations) or swiftly taken up as government initiatives. Others require more significant changes to legislation or regulation and will take longer to implement.

The options paper

The options paper outlines 41 options across seven key themes:

  • Strengthening the consumer voice
  • Reducing energy hardship
  • Increasing retail competition
  • Reinforcing wholesale market competition
  • Improving transmission and distribution
  • Improving the regulatory system
  • Preparing for a low-carbon future

Summaries of the options

You can find summaries of the options contained in the paper below:

Feedback on the options paper

Submissions closed 12 noon, Friday 22 March 2019. Feedback was received from 136 individuals and organisations.

We are now preparing final recommendations, from that feedback, for the Minister of Energy and Resources.

Last updated: 20 February 2019