Proposing a new edition of Fire Acceptable Solution – C/AS2

Submissions closed: 30 November 2018, 5pm


We are proposing to publish a new edition of Fire Acceptable Solution – C/AS2.

The proposed new C/AS2 will be a single document with the six separate Fire Acceptable Solution documents (C/AS2-7) merged into one.

In particular, three technical issues have been identified and included in the proposed C/AS2 Acceptable Solution as changes to performance settings:

  • adjusting the setting to prevent buildings within 1m of the boundary being constructed with no fire separations (e.g. all glass facades located on the property boundary)
  • removing “capable of storage consideration” and replacing it with a metric as per the settings prior to 2012
  • simplifying the content in C/AS2 by referencing D1/AS1 (Acceptable Solution for access routes) rather than repeating the content from D/AS1.

The proposed C/AS2 amends a number of omissions and inconsistencies following significant stakeholder engagement in recent years on the draft Acceptable Solution.