Consultation on proposed CodeMark scheme rules amendments

Submissions closed: 20 April 2023, 5pm

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is consulting on proposed scheme rules for CodeMark.


The Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021 (the Amendment Act) introduced a new certification scheme for modular component manufacturers (BuiltReady) and also made changes to strengthen the existing CodeMark product certification scheme.

The introduction of BuiltReady along with the revision of the CodeMark scheme provided an opportunity to review and propose a new brand visual identity for CodeMark to bring it in line with BuiltReady and MultiProof. MBIE consulted on the introduction of the new CodeMark brand and transition timeline in November 2022.

As part of the implementation work for the new CodeMark brand, MBIE has carefully considered whether other scheme rules were affected by the change or needed to be reviewed. As a result of sector feedback from the November 2022 consultation, MBIE has proposed 2 new scheme rules to foster public trust and create further consistency and clarity across the brand.


MBIE is seeking feedback on 2 proposals:

  1. a requirement for product certification bodies (PCBs) to use MBIE’s certificate template with the new mark of conformity
  2. a requirement for certificate holders to make technical information from CodeMark certificates easily accessible for the public.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback from affected parties on whether the addition of these new rules will have any adverse or negative impacts. Please refer to the discussion document for more detailed information.

Submission close Thursday 20 April 2023, 5pm.

Consultation documents