CodeMark Scheme Regulations

Submissions closed: 22 October 2018, 5pm


We are consulting on the following proposals to update and change the Building (Product Certification) Regulations 2008 (the Regulations) for the CodeMark Scheme (CodeMark).

We are proposing that:

  • all product testing laboratories be independently certified, to ensure the product tests used for CodeMark meet a minimum standard – this should ensure all product evaluations are supported by robust evidence.
  • every PCB has an ISO certified quality system, to ensure there is a minimum standard for all quality systems – this should lead to improvements in all PCBs’ product evaluations and product certificates.
  • products are evaluated against all relevant New Zealand Building Code clauses including Code clause B2 Durability which is relevant to all evaluations – this should clarify the current requirements for product evaluations.
  • product certificates include more information about a product, its intended use(s), specifications and limitations, and a detailed appendix – this will ensure that certificates have all the information needed by those who use them.

We will also recommend to Cabinet that all the references to the ISO standards in the Regulations are updated to the most up-to-date version.