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Accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency Submissions due: 28 February 2020, 5pm

Submissions are now invited on the discussion paper Accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency. This paper focuses on two major work streams, encouraging energy efficiency and the uptake of renewable fuels in industry, and accelerating renewable electricity generation and infrastructure. We look forward to your feedback on the best way Aotearoa can achieve a more energy efficient and renewable energy system.

Amending the Gas Act Closed: 12 June 2019, 5pm

Consultation is now closed on options for amending the Gas Act 1992.

Electricity Price Review – options paper Closed: 22 March 2019, 12pm

The independent Electricity Price Review has developed some early ideas to improve New Zealand’s electricity sector. The review panel greatly values your feedback on these early ideas, as your submissions will inform the final recommendations it delivers to the Minister of Energy and Resources in mid-2019.

First report into the state of the electricity sector Closed: 23 October 2018, 5pm

The Electricity Price Review are seeking submissions from the public and industry on their first report into the state of the electricity sector.

Managing financial risk from current and future wells Closed: 28 April 2017, 5pm

We invite you to submit your views on the questions and proposals set out in this consultation document, Managing third party risk exposure from onshore petroleum wells.

Subsequent consultation on the gas levy Closed: 06 March 2017, 5pm

MBIE data indicates that not all the gas that should be subject to the levy is having levy paid on it. This may be because there are some practical issues for levy payers in accurately applying the requirements of the legislation due to information barriers. There may also be some ambiguity about who the legislation makes liable to pay the levy in some complex supply chain situations. This consultation seeks your feedback on these issues and on several options for shifting the point in the supply chain where liability sits to mitigate the issues.

Draft replacement New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy Closed: 07 February 2017, 5pm

We are consulting on the draft replacement New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (NZEECS).

Crown Minerals (Minerals & Petroleum) Fees Review 2016 consultation Closed: 12 August 2016, 12pm

This discussion paper provides the basis for public consultation on the proposed fee options for permitted petroleum and minerals activity. The proposals outlined in this document are preliminary only and are subject to change. The closing date for submissions is midday, Friday, 12 August 2016.

Energy levy consultation Closed: 07 June 2016, 5pm

This consultation seeks feedback on expanding the purpose of an existing energy levy.