Priority sectors: From farm to port

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Primary industries

The Waikato is the agricultural heart of Aotearoa New Zealand, with over 20% of the nation’s primary exports generated from the region.

Digital technology

Digital technology, and the skills associated with information and communications technology (ICT), provide significant opportunities for the Waikato region to realise productivity gains and increased GDP. In addition, digital technology also provides significant opportunities to reduce carbon emissions across all industries.

Manufacturing and engineering

As a significant employer and contributor to GDP, the engineering and manufacturing sector is a critical enabler of industry across the Waikato, which requires skilled and qualified staff at all levels.

Construction and infrastructure

There is vast opportunity to increase capacity and capability to meet the increasing investments in civic and private construction and infrastructure projects across the Waikato. Taking a collaborative approach, the sector is enabled to develop people capacity across all levels of industry.

Freight and logistics

The Waikato is the heart of the Golden Triangle with massive volumes of freight both generating from and passing through the region on a daily basis. The sector offers vast career opportunities and will evolve swiftly with the introduction of new technologies and new methodologies to support climate adaptation targets.