Good jobs & prosperity

Many of the programmes that the RSLG has adopted or endorsed to strengthen workforce development in the region requires a pipeline of good jobs.

Entrance to Ngati Whatua Orakei Marae.

Photo: Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei

Tāmaki 10,000, which the RSLG has adopted as its own Māori employment strategy, places emphasis on good, well-paying and sustainable jobs as one of the key mechanisms to move Māori from poverty to prosperity in the region.

The various prototypes run out of Auckland Council’s Southern Initiative (now Community and Social Innovation) including Māori and Pacific Trades Training, UpTempo and Social Procurement, all require this pipeline of good jobs to enable the prosperity goals to be achieved. It is ‘good jobs’ that will change the Māori and Pacific pay gaps that are under scrutiny from the Human Rights Commission. Several programmes are now using ‘job detectives’ to try and identify good jobs, including those paying over $30 per hour.

However, there is a need for many more of these jobs to be created and more work can be done to turn poor jobs into good or better jobs. It is not just about the rate of pay, it is also about adequate hours (getting rid of the scourge of underemployment) and hours that are flexible enough for workers with family responsibilities to be able to fully enter the workforce.

UpTempo(external link) — The Southern Initiative

Good jobs and prosperity actions

  • The RSLG supports working with stakeholders to establish a Good Jobs Unit that can both identify existing good jobs and assist employers and workers to turn poor jobs into good jobs.