Tangata whenua


  • The RSLG has endorsed Tāmaki 10,000 as a Māori Regional Labour Market Strategy. 
  • The RSLG will support Tāmaki 10,000 and Whāriki Māori Business Network to work together to explore workforce opportunities for Māori and support outcomes for Māori small to medium enterprise. 
  • The RSLG will advocate for foundational incentives to be developed for employers and kaimahi Māori as lifelong opportunities to upskill, learn, develop and maintain employability through economic periods of growth and disruption. 
  • The RSLG will stand by programmes and initiatives that address both pay equity and pay parity for Māori in the workforce and support industry sectors and businesses that promote good pay for the right skills and career development. 

Key milestones

  • The Tāmaki Makaurau RSLG has endorsed Tāmaki 10,000 and there is an agreement in principle that both organisations collaborate on regional relationships.  
  • The focus of the RSLG is working in partnership with iwi, urban Māori and Māori providers across Tāmaki Makaurau who make up the Te Pae Herenga o Tāmaki (TPHoT) collective. TPHoT is a collective of urban Māori and iwi Whānau Ora organisations driving the charge to support Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau to make aspirational change.  
  • The RSLG hosted TPHoT and lessons learnt during COVID-19 were shared, including the impacts of employment and economic disparity for Māori.  
  • RSLG supports the initiative on seeking new and devolved funding that fosters sustainable and meaningful employment benefiting whānau, the organisations they own and work in, communities and the economy.  
  • Tāmaki 10,000 and Whāriki- Māori Business Network achieved the milestone signing of a memorandum of understanding committing to sharing resources and networks to promote, accelerate and fund initiatives that facilitate the development of Māori economic success. 
  • RSLG also works closely with the Whāriki Business Network to better understand the challenges faced by Māori employers’ businesses and how best they can be supported in the region to flourish .

Anticipate outcomes

  • To capitalise a significant regional opportunity for future growth and whanau prosperity for Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau.  
  • To accelerate and scale-up Māori-owned enterprises, through Tāmaki 10,000 and Whāriki Business network   
  • To  accelerate more Māori into well-paying jobs here in Tāmaki Makaurau.