Tairāwhiti Regional Skills Leadership Group

The Tairāwhiti Regional Leadership Group has been established to identify and support better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in the region.

Toitū Tairāwhiti!
Tama tu, tama ora; tama noho, tama mate kai
(The industrious will thrive while the idle die in need)

Our group is one of 15 Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) in Aotearoa, set up by the Government to identify and support better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in our region.

We are a part of a joined-up approach to labour market planning which will see our workforce, education and immigration systems working together to better meet the differing skills needs across the country. The group will provide independent advice which employers and government agencies can act on.

Interim Regional Skills Leadership Groups (iRSLGs) were formed in June 2020, with an immediate focus on Covid-19 impacts of regional workforce and labour market factors, providing valuable insights focused on helping re-employ, redeploy or retrain workers and entrepreneurs who have lost their jobs or closed their businesses. 

In Tairāwhiti, we care about having a skilled workforce and established a regional forum in April 2019 called CARE - Commitment, Action and Reciprocity resulting in sustainable Employment (CARE). It already fulfilled many of the functions of iRSLGs. Accordingly, Cabinet made the decision to designate CARE as the Regional Skills Leadership Group for Tairāwhiti.

The designation of CARE as the RSLG for Tairāwhiti recognises that CARE is the regional umbrella for all workforce matters in Tairāwhiti and the RSLG is a subset of CARE. CARE is the Tairāwhiti Regional Workforce forum and is a part of the Rau Tipu Rau Ora regional infrastructure, established to promote and deliver regional priorities. 

It’s really interesting, challenging but exciting work. 


The Minister for Social Development and Employment designated the Co-Chairs of the CARE Forum as the Co-Chairs for the Tairāwhiti RSLG. Cabinet’s decision to designate CARE as the Tairāwhiti RSLG means that its membership largely comprises CARE’s existing members.  However, further membership appointments are pending and this page will be updated regularly.

Regional workforce plan

As part of the development of their initial Regional Workforce Plan, the group has outlined the focus areas for the plan in their region. More details about this can be found in the 2 page summary below.

Tairāwhiti CARE Regional Skills Leadership Group – Regional workforce plan [PDF, 101 KB]


Supplementary information is available from the Tairāwhiti CARE Regional Skills Leadership Group on activities in their region.

An infographic that details the system in which the Regional Skills Leadership Group will operate, including purpose, actors, activities and outcomes.

This regional information pack was produced by the RSLG Secretariat to support the work being undertaken by the CARE Regional Skills Leadership Group.  The data is taken at a point in time and is up to date as of May 2021.  Further updates to this information may be completed to support the development of the additional workforce plans for Tairāwhiti.

Last updated: 25 February 2022