Labour market themes

Ngā Kaupapa Mākete Mahi

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Manawatū-Whanganui is a wide-ranging region, from our expansive geography to the many sectors that underpin our success. Even with our achievements, there are elements of our labour market that need to change for prosperity to be achieved more widely, particularly for those historically vulnerable within our labour market. As a Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) we have engaged with regional partners and analysed our regional labour market. Through this we identified the following four overarching themes across the desired changes identified by our regional communities:

Transitions Support

Support development and awareness of pathways to entry-level training and employment.

Our mokopuna and tamariki are the future of Manawatū-Whanganui. Ensuring that they are well-equipped to enter the workforce will always be a priority for the RSLG. Transitions support needs to be tailored to the individual and will likely look different across industries, districts, and ethnic groups. Where our people are succeeding in the workforce, our region is succeeding. 

Localisation of provision

Support development of provision that accounts for the needs of local learners and industry.

Our region has seven distinct parts which, while connected, have different influencers and dependencies. Our mokopuna, rangatahi and kaimahi need to have access to the training they need, where they want to access it. By reducing travel, or the need for digital dependency, we are empowering our people to make choices to increase their individual and whānau prosperity. The RSLG continues to support our people’s right to suitable training in the area where they live.

Partnerships and collaboration

Facilitate greater collaboration and information-sharing across the region.

Partnerships and collaboration in a diverse region like Manawatū-Whanganui are critical for our success. Equity is a top priority for the RSLG and we continue to facilitate and recommend collaborative action across all seven of our districts, between different industries and between training providers. Where best practice exists, or can be developed to achieve our regional aspirations, this should always be progressed with importance.

Direction of national systems

Ensure that national-level decision-making is aware of regional needs and intentions.

Manawatū-Whanganui is a strong and ambitious region. We need to ensure that our national-level decision makers are aware of our regional needs; what our people, industries and communities need to prosper. We remain committed to advocating for our needs and ensuring that every district's unique voice is heard at a national-level.

Last updated: 06 July 2023