Our action plan

Tā Mātau Mahere Kōkiri

To support better outcomes across our rohe, the Hawke’s Bay Regional Skills Leadership Group will:

  • Undertake a current scope of pre-employment programmes available across the rohe. We will provide evaluative endorsement from which the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) can concentrate funding to programmes that best support skill development and cultural safety for all different threads of the community. This will be done in collaboration with Iwi, PSGEs, Muka Tangata (People, Food and Fibre Workforce Development Council), Waihanga Ara Rau (Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council), local government, Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Te Puni Kōkiri, and other relevant parties.
  • lead the development of a co-lab Hub in collaboration with regional and national agencies, Iwi, PSGEs, Taiwhenua organisations, providers, and employers to ensure consistency, collaboration and effectiveness of resources, funding, and advice. The Hub will provide a place where job seekers, rangatahi, wāhine and employers can connect and access skills and job support. This will be based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi foundation principles and centred on the concept of lifelong learning. The Ministry of Education curriculum, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Trade Academies and transitions from School to employment or further education will be included in the scope of the Hub.
  • source current local, national, and international best practice resources and advice to enable a distinct regional needs analysis to be published annually, through active engagement with Iwi, the Regional Economic Development Agency (REDA), local government, and relevant providers.
  • develop a better understanding of Te Ōhanga Māori (Māori economy), including the identification of Māori businesses, to support them to engage in a wider range of social procurement opportunities. This will include increasing access to more relevant and accessible training and development for kaimahi. This will be achieved through working with local and central government, Iwi, PSGEs, Taiwhenua, regional business associations, Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce, and other interested parties.
  • scope leadership development programmes in the primary and construction industries to identify where opportunities and gaps are, especially those which support the Māori workforce. This will be achieved in conjunction with the REDA, industry associations, and industry themselves.

The Hawke’s Bay RSLG recommends that:

  • The Workforce Development Councils support the RSLG to inform TEC to fund culturally and gender appropriate pre-employment programmes in the Hawke’s Bay rohe that will enable all whānau to access safe and focussed support from which to enter the workforce of their choice.
  • The Workforce Development Councils work with the RSLG to define and further develop pre-employment programmes that are fit for purpose against Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles. This work will consider the regional demographics and data analysis put forward by employers, Iwi, PSGEs, Taiwhenua and local support agencies, along with best practice pedagogy and those exemplars of excellence that currently exist within the Hawke’s Bay rohe.