Hei Mahi | Summary of actions

Our role as a Regional Skills Leadership Group is to develop a single, unified voice on our region’s labour market aspirations and to stimulate action in the region to help us reach them.

In this first iteration of this Canterbury Regional Workforce Plan we have analysed Canterbury’s key workforce challenges and opportunities, with a focus on Rangatahi, Healthcare and Social Assistance, Digital Technologies, and Manufacturing. The actions we have subsequently identified have been developed following extensive stakeholder engagement and feedback on this analysis. The actions deliver on the aspirations and vision of the RSLG and we are confident that they will support the region to achieve steps in improving labour market outcomes – together.

Actions are structured in two ways:

These actions require further detailed planning and implementation design to identify the delivery partners, targeted activities, initiatives, and investment required to bring them to life. To be successful, this will require a collective, regionally joined-up approach. As an RSLG, we will support the coordination, activation and monitoring of these actions – but we will be looking to key stakeholders and partners across the region to lead the way in implementing many of them.

The following actions will be the core focus of the Canterbury RSLG for at least the next 6-12 months and will form the basis of the Regional Workforce Plan update in 2023.