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Jobs Online is a regular data series that measures changes in online job advertisements from 4 internet job boards — Seek, Trade Me Jobs, Education Gazette and Kiwi Health Jobs.

About Jobs Online

Job vacancies are an important indicator of labour demand and changes in the economy.

The Jobs Online trend series is used as the primary indicator as it reduces the month-to-month volatility. We only publish basic highlights each month and a more detailed report every 3 months.

The relationship between job advertisements and labour demand is complex, particularly when disaggregated at an industry, occupation and regional level.

For example, an increase in job advertisements by a particular industry may indicate:

  • the industry is expanding and looking for new workers, or
  • the industry has a high rate of churn (workers are moving between businesses, but overall employment is not necessarily increasing).

Likewise, declining job advertising can signal:

  • reduced headcount in an industry, or
  • the industry is using alternatives to advertising in their hiring process (such as word-of-mouth or social networks).

With these caveats in mind, data from Jobs Online tracks well with other labour market indicators, such as the unemployment rate.

Jobs Online monthly report - November 2018

The All Vacancies Index increased by 0.7 per cent in the month of November 2018.

  • Vacancies increased in all of the ten industry groups. Amongst the largest contributors were Healthcare and Medical (up 1.6 per cent) Hospitality and Tourism (up 1.0 per cent), and Primary (up 0.9 per cent) industries.
  • Vacancies increased in all eight occupation groups. The largest increases were for Clerical and Administration (up 1.8 per cent), and Community and Personal Services (up 1.0 per cent).
  • Vacancies increased in four of the five skill levels. The largest increases were for Skilled and Unskilled occupations (both up 1.2 per cent), with Semi-Skilled the only fall (down 0.1 per cent).
  • Vacancies increased in nine of the ten regions over the month, with the biggest increases in Gisborne/Hawke’s Bay (up 2.0 per cent), and Bay of Plenty (up 1.8 per cent). The only fall was in Canterbury (down 0.3 per cent)
  • Over the past year, online vacancies increased by 9.7 per cent.

Jobs Online - November 2018 [PDF, 183 KB]

Data files

Jobs Online Figure 1 All Vacancies Index monthly [XLSX, 22 KB]

Jobs Online Figure 2 Vacancies by Industry monthly [XLSX, 39 KB]

Jobs Online Figure 3 Vacancies by Occupation monthly [XLSX, 35 KB]

Jobs Online Figure 4 Vacancies by Skill Level monthly [XLSX, 29 KB]

Jobs Online Figure 5 Vacancies by 10 Region monthly [XLSX, 39 KB]

Jobs Online Vacancies by Detailed Occupation monthly [XLSX, 19 KB]

Jobs Online Vacancies by Occupation, Canterbury Region monthly [XLSX, 36 KB]

Jobs Online Vacancies by Industry, Canterbury Region monthly [XLSX, 40 KB]

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Alternative time series

Jobs Online Vacancies from May 2007 monthly [XLSX, 264 KB]

Jobs Online Vacancies seasonally adjusted monthly [XLSX, 53 KB]

Data revisions

Jobs Online is adjusted for seasonal variations. This may lead to noticeable revisions of previously published figures towards the end of the data series.

The table below shows the percentage change for the All Vacancies index, by month and annual for April to July 2018.


Revised (month)

Previously published (month)*


Previously published (annual)*

Jul 18





Aug 18





Sep 18





Oct 18





* Figures published last month.

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