Appendix 1 — Implementation

The following section provides an overview of how accreditation for AEP will work in the future, as well as a timeline of how it is proposed ACC will implement the changes through contractual arrangement.

Future state accreditation

It is proposed ACC will implement accreditation as follows:

  1. Assess if an employer has the financial strength and stability to meet the costs of their employees’ cover and rehabilitation.
  2. Require an ACC-approved external health & safety assessment that is current for at least 12 months and has met a level acceptable to ACC
    Proposal 1
  3. Check the employer has passed the revised and strengthened Claims and Injury Management Audit
    Proposal 2
  4. Assess performance to determine if an AE can get reaccredited and what product choices they can access.
    Proposal 3
    Proposal 4

Transitional arrangements

The graphic below shows a timeline of how ACC intends to implement the proposed changes to AEP. All AEs will have renewed contracts reflective of these changes by 2025.

Transition arrangements from current to new AEP framework conditions
Image showing the timeline for the framework conditions