Ending or renewing your transition | Te whakamutu, te whakahou rānei i tō whakawhitinga

Every just transition process will come to its own point of transition, either to evolve to a new stage of work or to close.

A just transition is a long, winding journey that will defy linear, rushed planning processes. If you’re part of leadership, you’ll be taking people on regular loops through the decision-making spiral. You’ll need to allow for detours and unexpected events.

During a long-term transition, changes in leadership and participation are likely and sometimes desirable. Planning in advance for intentional and gradual changes can smooth the process by allowing time for capacity building and mentoring.

At some point, you’ll also need to consider what happens if you’ve reached or approached your vision. What ongoing process can maintain your success or take your community towards new goals?

With the shared vision in mind, keep scanning the internal dynamics of the process as well as the external horizon for reasons to change direction. Listen carefully to others in the process, including te taiao the environment. Time, thoughtful reflection and dialogue are needed to reach whatever decision best serves the needs of the group.

Think of your vision as a distant beacon and your values and principles as guardrails, as you journey with your community towards the future you want.

When the time comes to close a transition process, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the relationships, understanding and progress that have been achieved.

“There is no end point for a transition; we are constantly transitioning.”

Just Transitions Dialogue participant

A final note

Just transitions can give diverse communities, organisations and workers stronger voices in decision-making. They help people to participate more effectively in problem-solving through increased resourcing and capability building. They create new opportunities for collaboration, partnership, experimentation and innovation at the local level. They safeguard those least resilient to change and direct us towards better pathways that bring everyone along. Just transitions transform how we relate to each other and te taiao, as well as the challenges and opportunities before us.

Just transitions are critical to create and sustain broad social support for the difficult changes that are needed to serve collective wellbeing, now and in the long term. They give us agency in the face of disruption and a sense of hope for the future.

All the best on your just transition journey.