5. Adapting | Te urutau

Titiro whakamuri, kōkiri whakamua.

Look back to reflect so you can move forward.

Illustration: A woman with brown hair in a white shirt and a man with blonde hair in a blue shirt sit at a table talking. There are chats on the table. Behind them is their community including a farmer, a man in white overals and a woman with orange hair. There is a river behind them and a mountain range. The sun looks to be coming up. This chapter provides insights on:

  • Being agile and adaptive
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Evaluating and improving
  • Ending or renewing your transition
In this section

Being agile and adaptive

Adaptive approaches allow communities to navigate through uncertainty while staying true to their values.

Monitoring your progress

Monitoring is about collecting information to assess progress.

Evaluating and improving

Evaluating the impacts of a just transition process or activity enables continual improvement.

Ending or renewing your transition

Every just transition process will come to its own point of transition, either to evolve to a new stage of work or to close.