4. Acting

Ehara! Ko koe te ringa e huti punga!

Yes, yours is the arm best suited to pull up the anchor!

Illustration: A woman with brown hair wearing a white shirt stands holding a piece of paper in her hand. She is talking and using her hand to guide. Behind her is a man in high-vis, a Māori elder, a woman wearing a blue shirt and a man in overalls. The sun shines above them. This chapter provides insights on:

  • Making collective decisions
  • Considering options
  • Designing and implementing solutions
  • Resourcing change processes
In this section

Making collective decisions

The outcomes achieved by your transition will depend on having the authority to make decisions with impact.

Considering options

Collective understanding of options supports better decision-making.

Designing and implementing solutions

Strategies and action plans are vital for collective action to deliver results.

Resourcing change processes

Funding and other resources are important for making new things happen, and sustaining and extending what is already happening.