List of funded projects

Recipients of the Community Renewable Energy Fund.

First funding package

Soho Group – Project 3 Wanaka-Tebbs

Funding: $400,000

Soho Group Ltd is constructing 2 housing developments in Tauranga and Whangārei, with construction expected to be completed in mid- to late-2024.

The funding will deliver solar PV panels for 15 homes in the Whangārei development and 20 homes in the Tauranga development.

This will provide huge savings on energy bills and benefit the tenants of these 35 public rental homes.

For the Whangārei project, Soho is working alongside a nationwide community housing provider for the long-term asset ownership and management and tenancy management.

For the Tauranga project, Soho is working in partnership with the Tauranga Community Housing Trust to provide long-term public housing solutions for the local community.

Manawa Housing Limited – Manawa Kaumātua Village

Funding: $220,000

Manawa Community Housing Trust is a community housing provider. The Trust is constructing 20 kaumātua rental flats that are expected to be completed in June 2024.

This funding will provide 3.3kW solar PV panels for each of the 20 flats, bringing energy bill savings to the elderly tenants.

Habitat for Humanity – Project Maunu Road

Funding: $225,409

Habitat for Humanity is a community housing provider and is constructing a community housing development in Whangārei.

Construction is expected to be completed in May 2024. This funding will provide 3kW solar PV panels for each of the 23 medium-density homes. The energy bill savings will significantly benefit tenants.

Camellia House Trust – Sustainability Haerenga

Funding: $35,000

Camellia House is a transitional housing facility for vulnerable people, including children.

This funding will provide a 10kW solar PV system, which includes panels and battery, for the house. This will help reduce Camellia House’s electricity bills so savings can be spent on the wellbeing and other needs of residents.

He Waka Tapu Limited – Ahikā Housing Project

Funding: $239,635

He Waka Hou Trust and He Waka Tapu Ltd are constructing 10 residential units in Christchurch to provide emergency and transitional accommodation to whānau.

Construction is expected to be completed by February 2024. He Waka Tapu Ltd will provide the whānau ora support for whānau living in these units.

This funding will provide a centralised microgrid solar PV system (54kW solar PV panels and 60 kWh battery) with an automated billing system for the 10 units.

Last updated: 22 May 2023