Digital Economy and Communications – 2022

Titles of documents the Minister for Digital Economy and Communications received from MBIE in 2022.

The following lists are as accurate as possible at the time of publishing and may be updated or added to. This list includes papers received from the Minister’s reporting agency where the Minister is the main recipient. Papers received from other agencies, or where a paper has been referred to the Minister by another Minister, are not included in this list.

Titles of Appointment and Honours Committee (APH) briefings and briefings that accompany responses to Official Information Act requests to the Minister are not included in this list.

Some information has been withheld for the following reasons:

  • National security or defence
  • Privacy of natural persons
  • Commercial information
  • Confidentiality
  • Confidential advice to Government
  • Free and frank expression of opinion
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Negotiations

December 2022

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2223-1878 CERT NZ Quarter Three (Q3) 2022 Report release 1 December MBIE
2223-2056 Meeting with Telecommunications Forum 6 December MBIE
2223-2112 Māori Interests in Radio Spectrum Bill further policy decisions - Approach to Trusts Act 7 December MBIE
2223-2004 Māori Interests in Radio Spectrum Bill - Detailed Decisions for the spectrum allocation process 7 December MBIE
2223-2122 IR2022-511 MBIE 2223-2122 - Māori Spectrum - Granting a tax exemption for the Māori Spectrum Entity 8 December MBIE
2223-1926 UFB completion event 8 December MBIE

November 2022

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2223-1640 Meeting with Niantic Aotearoa 2 November MBIE
2223-1615 Finalising the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan 3 November MBIE
2223-1355 Meeting with Federated Farmers 3 November MBIE
2223-1526 Proactive release of Cabinet paper -Broadband Investment Appropriations - Operational adjustments 3 November MBIE
2223-1641 Chorus annual stakeholder event 9 November MBIE
2223-1796 Talking points for Cabinet Paper – Proposed support for the game development sector 14 November MBIE
2223-1006 Amendment to CIP Rural Broadband Connectivity Policy Mandate 16 November MBIE
2223-1810 Meeting with Māori Spectrum Working Group on 23 November 2022 16 November MBIE
2223-1423 Applications for Network Operator status 18 November MBIE
2223-1845 Further policy decisions for Māori spectrum bill - interface between the Bill and Commerce Act 18 November MBIE
2223-1841 Canterbury Tech Summit 18 November MBIE
2223-1904 Event Briefing - IT Professionals Dunedin 24 November MBIE
2223-1306 Proactive release of Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa 25 November MBIE
2223-1415 ECD Invitation to Responsible Business Conduct Ministerial Meeting 14-15 February 2023 18 November MBIE
2223-1947 Utilities Disputes Limited contract renewal 29 November MBIE
2223-1942 Budget 23 bid – Support for Game Development Sector 30 November MBIE
2223-1995 Budget 2023 Bid – Outline of Digital Technologies ITP bid – enhancing the skills and talent pipeline 30 November MBIE
2223-2014 Briefing - Further policy decisions proposed structure of the Māori spectrum entity and governance arrangements 30 November MBIE

October 2022

Tracking number Title Date received by Minister Author
2223-0534 Waiving reporting requirements for TSO dial-up internet access 3 October MBIE
2223-0987 2022 October Baseline Update Submission – Vote Business, Science and Innovation – Digital Economy and Communications Portfolio 4 October MBIE
2223-1289 Game Development Sector Roundtable 6 October MBIE
2223-1098 Recommendation on Signing Final Acts of the International Telecommunications Union Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 10 October MBIE
2223-1171 WCC and Reveal - Digital Twin Discussion and Demonstration 10 October MBIE
2223-1026 Spark TowerCo Limited - Application for network operator status 10 October MBIE
2223-1222 Final decisions for allocation of 3.5 GHz spectrum for 5G 12 October
2223-0724 Opening Address to the GS1 Asia Pacific Conference 18 October MBIE
2223-1382 Proposed support for the game development sector – next steps following stakeholder roundtable 21 October MBIE
2223-1463 Quarterly meeting with Crown Infrastructure Partners 21 October MBIE
2223-1493 Supporting information for ‘CIP Enhancing Milford Sound Connectivity - Te Anau fibre ring’ briefing 21 October MBIE
2223-1515 Proactive Release of DEV Paper– International Telecommunication Union - Negotiation Positions 21 October MBIE
2223-0681 Draft Cabinet paper - Proposed support for the game development sector 26 October MBIE
2223-1565 Māori-Crown agreement on spectrum - progress update and next steps 28 October MBIE
2223-1422 Event Briefing - Tech Sector Leaders Meeting 28 October MBIE

June 2022

Tracking code Title Date received by Minster Author
2122-4738 Remote Users Scheme design and implementation 2 June MBIE
2122-4372 TUANZ 2022 Rural Connectivity Symposium 9 June MBIE
2122-4420 Estimates Examination 2022/23: Digital Economy and Communications – Proposed Responses to Estimates Pre-hearing Questions 1-203 9 June MBIE
2122-4484 Techion Meeting 9 June MBIE
2122-4665 Visit to Raukawa Charitable Trust in Tokoroa, 15 June 2022 9 June MBIE
2122-4908 Meeting with Vodafone New Zealand Limited 17 June MBIE
2122-4922 Meeting with Mark Callander, CEO 2degrees 20 June MBIE
2122-4822 Meeting with Kenneth Irons, Chair of the AgriTech ITP 21 June MBIE
2122-4934 Meeting with NZTech 23 June 2022 21 June MBIE
2122-5058 Meeting with Enable Networks Limited 29 June MBIE
2122-4479 Telecommunications Forum Quarterly Meeting 30 June MBIE

May 2022

Tracking code Title Date received by Minster Author
2122-3221 Event briefing – CIP Quarterly Meeting April 2022 2 May MBIE
2122-4115 Internet Governance and Upcoming International Meetings 3 May MBIE
2122-4246 Meeting with Technology Sector Leaders 3 May MBIE
2122-1751 Feedback and proposals regarding the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunications Facilities (NESTF) 3 May MBIE
2122-4275 Meeting with SaaS Community Advisory Council 11 May MBIE
2122-4329 Tech Week Opening 15 – 16 May 11 May MBIE
2122-4318 KiwiRail request for reservation of 1900-1910 MHz band 16 May MBIE
2122-4399 Meeting with Spark 16 May MBIE
2122-3092 Findings from the National Survey of Employment Intentions:  Final Report 17 May MBIE
2122-2607 Network Operator Status – Golden Bay Emergency Services Trust 18 May MBIE
2122-4478 Meeting with Minister Woods on Innovation Development Grants 19 May MBIE
2122-4625 Speaking points for Economic Development Committee - Cabinet paper for the Ratification of the Final Acts of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 26 May MBIE

April 2022

Tracking code Title Date received by Minster Author
2122-2885 Meeting with the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum 4 April MBIE
2122-3303 Bi-Monthly meeting with the Commerce Commission 4 April MBIE
2122-3370 Digital Technologies ITP – next steps 6 April MBIE
2122-3271 Meeting with Aurecon 7 April MBIE
2122-3234 TDL Liability 8 April MBIE
2122-2516 Objectives and key design choices for the Remote Users Scheme 13 April MBIE
2122-4049 Implementing the Māori-Crown agreement on spectrum: progress update and next steps   27 April MBIE
2122-4013 Cabinet Paper – Telecommunications Operators (Commerce Commission Costs) Levy Amendment Regulations 2022 28 April MBIE
Last updated: 05 May 2023