Science System Advisory Group to look into science sector

Published: 27 March 2024

A new Science System Advisory Group has been established to provide advice on how to improve the effectiveness and impact of the science sector in New Zealand.

The Group will look into issues the sector faces, such as its effectiveness, inefficiencies and poor connections, as well as the aspirations of the sector and opportunities for growth. Professor Sir Peter Gluckman will chair the Group, and the members will be published in the coming days.

The Group will deliver 2 reports on the system, with the first report due end of June, and the second end of October.

The first report will focus on determining the Group’s principles, providing preliminary advice and recommendations that can be considered and actioned quickly.  The second report will build on the first report’s advice and provide final recommendations on longer-term changes.

Key topics the Group will focus on include institutions, funding, advanced tech and commercialisation, workforce and connectedness, and the Government as a commissioner, funder, and user of science.

Separately, the University Advisory Group has been established to investigate issues and aspirations of the university sector. The University Advisory Group will also be chaired by Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, who will draw connections between the 2 Groups as appropriate.

For more information and to read the terms of reference see the Science System Advisory Group pages on our website:

Science System Advisory Group

The Science System Advisory Group will be launching a website in the coming days at

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