Science supports extreme weather response and recovery

Published: 13 April 2023

The Government has made $10.8 million available for urgent research and science services to aid the recent extreme weather response and recovery.

With high demand for evidence to address immediate needs and inform recovery decisions following devastating weather events such as Cyclone Gabrielle, this funding is to support the most urgent and potentially impactful research and science activities.

This includes assessing the risk of stop bank damage, monitoring air and water quality and advanced mapping of the landscape changes.

So far, $5.76 million been allocated to projects involving 9 research institutes.

In line with Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways objectives to embed Te Tiriti in the research, science and innovation system and invest in Māori aspirations, a portion of funding has been allocated to enable Māori communities to access science services to support decision-making.

Funding will be allocated to short and medium term projects by 31 June 2023.

Information about specific projects is being updated regularly MBIE's website:

Read the statement from the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation:

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