Saving dolphins with advanced aviation and revolutionising tech compliance

Published: 12 May 2022

The Airspace Integration Trials programme continues to grow with 2 new partners signing up – MAUI63 and OneReg.

OneReg and MAUI63 are the latest partners to join the government’s Airspace Integration Trials programme.

MAUI63 is a not-for-profit charitable trust that uses advanced aviation and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify Māui and Hector's dolphins. OneReg is improving the aviation industry by optimising the interface between regulators like the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and businesses.

OneReg is a sophisticated technology solution, designed to help the recovering aviation industry save costs and streamline processes. The software-based compliance management tool significantly reduces the time required for application assessment, thereby reducing costs and allowing greater focus on ensuring safety. OneReg has been approved by the CAA.

Clinton Cardozo, Co-Founder and CEO of OneReg, says globally, there has been very little innovation in how organisations apply for regulatory approval and as new technologies seek certification globally, there is a critical need to support regulators and industry to manage change safely and efficiently.

“Currently most of the regulatory approval process is done by emails and PDFs, which is a recipe for version control issues and time wasting. OneReg helps systematise the process for the benefit of operators and regulators: Operators can track their documentation and create linkages between all the regulations they are governed by. This creates a safer environment for everyone by speeding up the application process and minimising the need for double-handling information on both sides of the regulatory fence.

“We’re thrilled to be accepted into the Airspace Integration Trials programme alongside a number of incredible businesses including Kea Aerospace, Envico Technologies and MAUI63 – in fact, MAUI63 are using OneReg for their approvals,” says Clinton Cardozo.

With so few Māui dolphins left on the planet, MAUI63 is dedicated to capturing data about dolphins and other marine mammals to inform decision making about changes to protect them from fishing, climate change and other threats they face.

Tane van der Boon, Co-Founder at MAUI63 says that data driven decisions are vital to ensure our marine life is protected.

“The Airspace Integration Trials programme will help us to grow our operations and link up with businesses across Aotearoa that work with marine mammals, and innovative AI and drones. MAUI63’s goal is to have enough teams and drones around the country collecting up to date data about all of the marine life in Aotearoa. We are looking to collect this data and automate processes using AI and make this available to anyone that needs it such as fishers, government, and researchers,” says Tane van der Boon.

Iain Cossar, General Manager Science Innovation and International, MBIE says the emerging advanced aviation sector is highly innovative, R&D-intensive and delivers high-wage jobs for New Zealand workers.

“Our Airspace Integration Trials programme partners help us to develop a thriving, innovative and safe advanced aviation sector by working with government through technical challenges faced by emerging tech. The data and insights gathered from the partners’ trials support our work at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Transport and Airways. New Zealand is the ideal location to test drones and other advanced aerospace technologies,” says Iain Cossar.

The Airspace Integration Trials programme works closely with each partner to develop a delivery plan that helps to achieve their goals and contribute to a thriving and safe advanced aviation sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

More information on the programme can be found on our website:

Airspace Integration Trials

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