Holidays Act update

Published: 06 June 2024

The Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Brooke van Velden has made a progress announcement on fixing the Holidays Act 2003.

Progress for fixing the Holidays Act 2003(external link) — 

The lack of clarity and certainty provided by the Holidays Act 2003 has been a longstanding issue, and non-compliance has resulted in workers not receiving their entitlements, and high remediation costs to businesses.

An exposure draft of a Bill that will implement reforms to the Holidays Act will be released for targeted consultation in September 2024.

MBIE is inviting stakeholders to participate in the targeted consultation on the exposure draft of the Bill who:

  • have expertise in implementing the Holidays Act in payroll and business systems and/or 
  • understand the impacts and outcomes of the Act for various groups of employers and/or employees.

The purpose of the targeted consultation is to test both the technical and policy details of the Bill before it is introduced to Parliament.

Stakeholders can register their interest here:

Holidays Act Review